EARN IT threatens free speech

I get really tired of the “It’s for the children!” type bills when they do very little to actually help the children. EARN IT is such a bill. It doesn’t really help protect children but it does open the door for our privacy to be violated through backdoors. These backdoors would be accessible to companies and their employees. Eventually these backdoors always end up in the hands of malicious actors(read: hackers) that use them to expose everything that you want to keep private.

The best solution is to not have the backdoors in the first place. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/07/new-earn-it-bill-still-threatens-encryption-and-free-speech You can take action to help protect everyone’s privacy! - https://act.eff.org/action/stop-the-earn-it-bill-before-it-breaks-encryption